Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A DIY Winter Wedding

Oh I am so excited to share yet another beautiful wedding with you! This one was so full of romance and love and all the things you cannot create with your hands but everything that happens in the heart.
When the couple came up to me last year and when we had our first meetings I was already getting quite excited because I loved the style and direction this one was going to have. Very rustic, winter, warm wedding. I was impressed by their ideas and what they liked. I have known both of them for quite a few years but you don't always see their taste in such things that much. I love it when I plan weddings and the couple gives you a lot of freedom but knows exactly what they want and what they don't want. That's what makes it really easy to work with plus they were so amazing to work with.
As they decided to do the reception at Elemenz (yep you heard right - I used to work there) I knew every little detail was going to be planned and executed by us - DIY in its truest meaning.
So to get us started I created a pinterest board for the two of them and put together an inspiration board so we had something to work with.
When you know that every little detail of the wedding is going to be DIY it is even more important to not get lost in all the little details and lose sight
So here's a little tip for you: Think of the wedding as a cone. Start with the big things like date, location, invitations, concept and work your way towards the little things like who lights the candles, who picks up the flowers, etc etc. That way you are making sure you don't forget anything.
Now depending on the length of your engagement try to set realistic time frames for when certain things need to be done like 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, 20 days... etc. That helps you to stick to deadlines and gives you a little pressure when you see a deadline approaching. It also allows you to "forget" about things which don't have to be done until later so that you can work more focused.

Now for Alex and Sara it was very clear that they wanted a cozy, warm and rustic winter wedding with lots of wood and candles. As there are lots of trees in Elemenz it became the guideline for everything from invitations to decorations (I mean who doesn't love trees?).

Obviously the invitations had the tree on them as well. I will not talk about the importance of invitations as I feel like I stress that every single time but really we have the perfect example here: Tree on the invitations and then that theme was carried out into every little detail as you will see later.
 The ceremony was set in a beautiful old church from the 19th century. The church was built in a neo-gothic style. It has somewhat become a trend to only focus on the reception, the party of the wedding. I personally think the ceremony is very important. That is what the whole wedding is about. There was a little reception right after the ceremony outside in front of the church with fire and marshmallows and hot wine and punch.
The dinner reception was like I said held in Elemenz where it is super cozy and warm. The location itself already is beautiful and add some customized decorations and details to it and everything fits together nicely.


Like I said before this was a complete DIY wedding. All the details and all the decorations where done by Alex's godmother. The Monday before the wedding the whole wedding party came together to set things up and decorate everything. For months she had been gathering wood and branches and even trees to make everything look the way it did. Also on that Monday we all brought decoration elements we thought could work and then on the spot decided for them or not.
All the food was home cooked (meaning a couple from our church) and the whole service staff were voluntary helpers from their connect groups or friends who wanted to support them on their big day.
All of these elements gave the whole wedding a very personal and very intimate touch. Everybody knew each other and worked together. I believe that is a very beautiful thing.
The bride is part of our praise and worship team and at the reception she sang a song for her new husband. I think everybody's heart just melted.
One of my personal highlights was their dance. It was one of the most romantic wedding dances I think I have seen this far.
Having been part of their journey and having the privilege to plan their wedding has been an honor and a blessing and they added their hearts and their personality which made this day absolutely unforgettable.




  1. why are there no pictures of the couple? oO

    1. Hi there. So sorry... none of them turned out really good due to the light. I'll try and get some nice shots from the photographer soon but can't make promises. Sorry though...

  2. did you planning some more weddings this year?

  3. Are you planning a few more weddings/Partys or bridal showers this Year? Greats

  4. Replies
    1. I'll definitely do some more party planning over the course of this year and will show them here. As far as weddings go I don't know that yet.

  5. And whats with the wedding from our last bridal shower? The shower looked so lovely rustic :)

  6. Replies
    1. I did not plan the wedding, so sorry but I'm not going to share pictures

    2. Oh how sad.. can't you share maybe one picture of the happy couple?

  7. A picture of a married couple is the best on every wedding! I hope you share maybe one..? ;)


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