Monday, February 17, 2014

A Lights and Vintage Bridal Shower

This past Saturday we planned a Bridal Shower for one of my best friends. She is going to get married in a month and I am so excited for her.
The interesting thing with this party was that lightning didn't hit and inspiration came like it usually does but it happened in the process of just bringing some things together. But once the invitations were set the whole thing started flowing and we were able to create a beautiful shower for Tanja. The goal was to make it look beautiful for her, to honor her and set an atmosphere that she would like.

Tanja loves vintage things and second hand clothes and simple, natural decorations. The most important thing for her was for her best friends to come together and share food. Of course we wanted this to be in a nice setting.
As usual the invitations had to give you and overall idea of the direction to the party. So I decided on a simple chalkboard design with lights strung across it. We put these cards into brown envelopes and painted the lights on them as well. These lights kind of became a theme for the whole party.

We used vintage suitcases as decorations and to put the favors and presents for the bride to be in. The favors were navy colored bobble hats.
In an old vase we put simple branches where we hung pictures of Tanja with us, just her or other people. On top of that we made cards where guest had to write down a memory with Tanja and she had to guess who wrote it. The two elements created somewhat of a look on the past, where she had come from and her journey to where she is now.
On a chalk board we wrote down beautiful character traits of her and in an old vintage typewriter we inserted a letter from her fiance.
Every party needs something of a photo wall to remember moments of that night and to add to the vintage touch we used the instax mini 8 to make Polaroid pictures. They turn out so nice and it is a lot of fun to take pictures with it. We kind of did it the same way as in this bridal shower. Guests then pasted these pictures into a book and wrote some nice words to the bride to be.
It was a beautiful, very relaxed bridal shower with good food, friends and some nice little details that added to the overall feel of it.

I believe we don't always need a ton of decorations or the most fancy things. Anything that is done with love, a little thought and a concept that is thorough will look beautiful.

A nice party is about making the guest feel loved and welcomed. The main ingredients for that are good food, nice lighting and just the right background music. Add to that mix some decorations and you're set.

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