Monday, March 24, 2014


Recently there has been a lot of video sharing on facebook with titles like "See how this daddy changed his daughter's life forever", "Model shooting for a day and what photoshop does and how they didn't like it". Of course we all remember this very impacting and beautiful video by dove. It is so interesting how especially we women seem to struggle with image of beauty so much how we always want to be stunning and beautiful but we always complain about the areas we think are not pretty. Talk with a woman for some time and you'll find out. But oh how she lightens up when you tell her she is beautiful.
I was lucky to grow up in a family who would always tell my sister and me that we were beautiful and captivating and worthy. We both learned that beauty is not mere outward appearance but something that comes from the inside - your personality, your character.
I don't know if you have ever experienced this moment when you thought a person was really beautiful and then you get to know them and somehow the beauty fades because of the way the person is  (bad attitude, unkind, full of trouble and greed e.g.) and the beauty was only appearance. Or when you meet somebody and at first look they don't strike you as remarkably beautiful (in the "common sense" of beauty) but with every conversation and moment you get to know this person they grow to become more and more beautiful?
I know I have experienced both it always being proof for me that true beauty really does come from the inside. I also believe that there is beauty in everyone. We just have to look for it, allow it come out.
About two weeks ago I saw some pictures of myself from the Winter Days and started the whole thought train on what I didn't like in the picture, that I look too big, not pretty enough etc. when all of a sudden I paused for a moment and remembered how I had felt that day and that indeed I had felt beautiful that day. In that very instant I turned my head from the picture and walked away in my thoughts not allowing the "I'm not good enough" to take hold of me.

So I really want to encourage us all and especially the women out there to stop thinking about all the things that are wrong and start thinking about all the things which are right. You are beautiful beyond measure, you are wanted and worthy, lovely, enough, you have what it takes.



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