Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The big 3-0 is finally here. I have been waiting for this day for months now. I was so looking forward to my 30th birthday and now it is finally here.
About 2 years ago I was still freaking out about it because by no means was I ready to turn that corner. There was still so much to work through in my 20s so much that had to happen inside of me.
2013 was exactly that for me and all the healing and growing brought me to that place of contentment. 30 and thriving on everything God has given me.
I know there is so much more ahead of me and boy am I ready.

At a work event a couple months ago a colleague asked me stunned why I was looking forward to 30. He wanted 3 plausible reasons. Right brained as I am I went totally blank only being able to express a general feeling (I know, right?!) but here are my 3 reasons:

1. I am so thankful that I am still very young but have matured a lot over the last 10 years. I have reached a new level of maturity over the last year even.
2. I have so much more experience than before and with that and the maturity I honestly hope that I would be a wiser person who gives good counsel
3. I am not tossed like paper in the wind anymore. I am grounded. I know where I am going and where I have come from.

Here's to a new decade.




  1. Here's to celebrating life. Happy Birthday.

  2. Oh yes Ramona. That is so inspiring. Why forcefully stay as young and possible when you can learn and mature. All the best for your future! Xx

  3. what are you doing on your birthday?


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