Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dinner for the 30th

I read a quote recently that said, "Make generosity part of your growth strategy". I don't know who said it or when. All I know is that I read it and thought to myself how much I think this is true. When we are generous people we will grow in that because it takes trust and it takes faith. We don't always see an immediate outcome but like it always is with sowing and reaping. You sow, it grows, then you reap.
When I gather people around a table it is always in the attempt of blessing them. My heart is for them to feel warm and welcomed so that they forget their day to day life and can live in that moment amongst friends sharing food, breaking bread, and good conversations.
For my birthday party all I wanted was to spend the day with my friends and sit around the table with them.
It all started with a hike on the second highest mountain in the region where we breathed in fresh air and enjoyed the silence of the forest and fields. We warmed up in the house on top with milky coffees, cakes, fries and tarte flambé. On the way down we picked the flowers and fern to be used for the garden party that night.
The party wasn't about having the prettiest of decorations or program or crafts or all the little things you could do. It was two tables filled with plates and glasses, flowers and feathers. Each plate carried a package with flower seeds to be planted to see the growth happening. When everybody arrived, we shared homemade lemonade, introduced us to those we didn't know, greeted others with warm hugs and kisses. Then we sat down. I welcomed everybody, especially those who came from far away for the weekend and thanked those who contributed with salads and breads and desserts and especially my parents who let me host in their garden which I love because everything is green and flourishing and natural. I prayed and we broke bread. Food was overflowing from hamburgers to salads, to cheeses and tacos and chicken drumsticks. We filled our bellies and licked our fingers. We sat and ate and drank and laughed and talked until day fell to night. Then we lit a fire and grilled marshmallows with sticky hands and happy faces. We shared stories and laughed until our bellies hurt. When everybody left, I was left happy and satisfied and so very lucky to be sharing my life with wonderful people whose hearts are full of love.
I just wanted to say thank you again to everybody who came to celebrate with me. Thank you for those who helped and contributed. It would not have been possible without your labor.



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