Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thursday Tunes

I love gathering for praise and worship. I love gathering in a large place with thousands of people or in church or at a conference. It has been those place where God spoke some amazing things in my life or healed things which needed healing.
And at the same time I love gathering in a smaller setting, best friends, a guitar, worship. Those are some of the most anointed worship gatherings because of their intimacy. A couple of weeks ago I had shared music from The United Pursuit and I love how you can tune in to their living room gatherings and be part of it. Their music has influenced me a lot and I have had some pretty awesome worship moments in my car with their music.
Today I am sharing music by Elevation Church which in all truth I only started listening to a week or so ago, but my flatmate sent me this link and something inside of me clicked. I love the music in their big gatherings but I also love this intimate setting.
The following song is from their newest album and it has been on repeat this whole week. I have no words for how it is a blessing but if you've ever experienced something just being right in your spirit, then you know what I'm talking about.
So how could I not share?



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