Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Solo Valentine's

I used to dread Valentine's day. Not only because I was single but also because of the whole consumerism, picking out one day... blah blah blah. The whole deal.
But a couple years ago I was convicted by something I read. Yes love should be celebrated year round, as should Christmas and Easter and your mother. But by picking out one day you emphasize and remember on that day.
So it was then that I decided that Valentine's day actually wasn't that bad. I still don't like the consumerism but I don't like that in general and the only thing I can do about it is not join it.

So when this year came around I decided to just stay home and enjoy my day. I didn't have a date lined up or anything and didn't want to make an effort to throw some sort of singles party.
I believe in order to love somebody else I need to learn to love myself and in order to be with other people I need to be able and learn how to be by myself.

That is what I did last Saturday. I had breakfast with a friend, bought some flowers, made this Chocolate Cake with a German Buttercream by Beth Kirby (it was amazing!), took a bath, watched some of my favorite shows, had Nachos for dinner and watched a movie with my flatmate. It was kind of a regular Saturday spiced up a little bit.

So I guess what this comes down to is to encourage you to make margin in your life to be able to enjoy a Saturday without rushing, without appointments and schedules but just to be and enjoy and rest.




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