Monday, February 2, 2015

Movie Monday

How nerdy of me would it be if I said that Agent Carter of the Marvel Universe (yes the one Captain America loved) was my new fashion role model? I think she is the coolest lady, tough, feminine and always wears red lipstick... and yes I started watching the new show called Marvel's Agent Carter.

That aside we watched "Flyboys"  yesterday. I don't know how I found the movie but it somehow popped up and we watched it.
I thought is was perfect for a Sunday evening celebrating the rest of the weekend and getting ready for a new work week. It was not too heavy and also no too light. It was funny and serious, full of honor and respect and let's face it all of what the boys wore in the movie is what men are wearing today. I love it.
The movie takes place during World War One, planes have just been invented and the US has not entered into the war yet so the Americans in the movie are fighting for the french.
The movie contains a good amount of action, love, wit and great acting.



PS: If you haven't seen my Supper Soundtracks yet, you should NOW!

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