Wednesday, May 20, 2015

German Wheel

Yesterday I went to the Young Stage International Circus Festival. It has been my second time going and let me tell you both times I sat there at the end of the show with tears in my eyes. There were these young artist full of passion and artistry and athleticism chasing their dreams, creating something beautiful and it just gets to me. They all stood on stage like one big family cheering each other on although being in competition with each other. I guess it is seeing the beauty and talent and diversity in each other rather than comparing and competing with each other.
Anyways there was one act which really got to me. It was performed on the German Wheel (invented in Germany in the 1920s for a "Turnverein") and I really wanted to share it with you (thanks to youtube I was able to find it). I could tell you what the performance is about but I won't so you can find your own interpretation in it.


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