Monday, May 11, 2015

Movie Monday

I just realized that I never shared this movie with you. If you've known me long enough you will know not only my love for movies but also my love for Christopher Nolan movies. I believe him to be an extraordinary director and producer with the ability to always surprise you.
No wonder I highly anticipated Interstellar. The trailer of course unlike other trailers didn't give away anything of the movie (it of course only showed pieces of the first third of the movie).

I remember sitting in the theater in shock and excitement and was blown away by everything I saw. I remember how I kept thinking of the time and space concept for days after I had watched the film because it really messed with that concept in any way possible. And yet again time and space are something created by God with day and night and the passing of seasons but I believe when one day we will leave this earth it will be different.



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