Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Point of Difference

We had this amazing Sunday morning service two days ago and I was anew encouraged to preach the gospel. I mean yeah I know we always should but just recently I have felt this very strong urge to more and more be used by God. There's this song Point of Differnce and I just love the lyrics because it says that in the midst of a world broken down God is all we have now.
We should be this point of difference! I think we tend to forget who is within us, whose Spirit, whose Love and Power ist within us. So let's not put ourselves in the foreground, but let God flow through us. Let us be the vessels in God's hands that he can let overflow with His love for the people, let us be the tools in His hands with which he can work so people will be saved and let us be like clay in His hands, ever formable, transformable and conformable to Him so that out of this rough stone He can make precious stones living in His Glory!
People should be naturally drawn to us wherever we go, because the Glory of God is upon us!

I pray that we will step up as a generation daring to make a difference, daring to give everything for the Lord, living a life that's radically changed and surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour!

Let's be the point of difference!

In Him be blessed. Yours. Ramona

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