Sunday, April 20, 2008

Learning to Wait - Part 1

I am still talking about the exciting times of waiting. Last time was a little introduction. We learned that dreams are important and that the waiting time is preperation time. Therefore we have to keep in mind: Waiting does NOT equal ideling time away!

Today we'll talk about the 3 phases of life in the exciting times of waiting.

1. Preperation time
During this phase we are being prepared for the great plan God has for our lives. We know we are called for something (and I am not talking about our everlasting calling to be salt and light!). We might not be ready yet to fulfill this calling but God wants to use this time to prepare us and shape us. During this time God can also test our endurance. Are we the right person to be used by God or do we just squander life? Or are we standing firm in God, waiting for him, following Him, putting our whole focus on Him, being single minded. This time is crucial and it is here we make the big decision whether we really do follow or not. There are no grey areas with God. It's either fully completely surrendered or not. Are we willing to give everything to follow God?
It's in this phase we have to ask God to examine us, if we really want it. It's when we ask God search our hearts and shape us.

2. Time of fulfilling
During this phase, we are living out God's calling for our life. We are within the calling! Sometimes it just takes a while to get to this phase. Look at David's life. He was called to be the King years before He became the king, but he waited on the Lord to fulfill it.

3. Time of sharing it
In this phase we share with others our wisdom, what we have learned and we shape others.

All these phases are sooo important and the one thing is that we always should follow God and examine our hearts every once in a while if we're still on track. Ask God to put His finger on areas where you are weak and let Him show you these areas so that we can grow. We should always strive for being closer to him, being more like him. This healthy discontenment where we always want to grow is a good thing.

So remember out of these phases where God shapes us: Quality takes time!

So click back on my site soon for "Learning to Wait - Part 2"

In Him, let us grow!


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