Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Learning to Wait - Part 2

Finally I am back! We are still talking about the exciting times of waiting and today I again want to talk about learning of waiting again. But before we do that let's remember again what we've talked about thus far.
Let us remember the verse in Isaiah 40:31 "But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint." I love this verse sooo much. Let us trust in the Lord, let us soar like the eagles... have you ever seen an eagle soaring up in the sky... oh there freedom and strength! I'm getting excited here!!!
Furthermore let us remember that Waiting is good and it is the preparation time because Quality takes time!

So far so good. And as we discussed last time there are three stages, the preparation, the fulfilling and the sharing. Well now, we know that we are called and it seems like we need to wait for our calling to happen like David had to. Remember that he had been annointed years before he acutally stepped into his calling? But what did He do during this time? He waited on the Lord!
The trials and testings happen within the waiting time and it is then that we have to stick to God. We will be tempted for sure and we will be tried, but if we stick to the Lord and continue walking with Him single minded he will provide for sure!
Therefore welcome the testings and allow God to work on you so that you may grow! Why that? Well, because God is building up a basis, a strong fundament!
This implies that we need to be faithful and obedient. Oh yes I know, we don't like this word... obedience, but believe me being obedient to God is the best thing you could ever do and there's blessing if you obey. And I can tell a big story about this one!

Hence, during my waiting time when I stick to God, I am faithful and obey I also need to serve faithfully! And what happens then? Well, waiting is good for a few things
Waiting = GAINING WISDOM. While we are waiting and sticking to God, we follow him and learn more about him in His word and therefore gain wisdom.
Waiting = LEARNING DISCIPLIN. While waiting I can learn patience and I learn what it really means to follow God because he is my source of wisdom and confidence!

And once stepped into our calling and fulfilling time we know how to walk with God, we know Him, we can take wise decisions and He can count on us because we are not blown back and forth by the wind!

I can only encourage you to stick in there and Learn to Wait!

Until next time... xoxo Ramona

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