Friday, April 11, 2008

The Soundtrack of my Life

Again I am amazed and astonished by the power of music... I mean... sure we all know that but sometimes the most simple things that we've known about all our life strike us...
Do you know this feeling when you are listening to random music and all of a sudden a song comes up and with it memories, situations, pictures, people, smells?
Today was such a situation and it was a song that I have listened to many times but all of a sudden I remembered how I was listening to it while biking down to UCSB, the sun trying to get through the fog or in the afternoon when it was really warm... and I felt like I was there again with this song.

Do you have music that you only or especially liten to when being in a certain situation. Like for example music you prefer when you're angry or sad, happy?

Or you listen to a worship song that you've listened to many times before and in that very moment it starts talking to you as if it were written only for you in this moment and it makes more sense and you found new ways of worshipping God, drawing nearer to him, getting one step closer to Him and the plan he has for your life.

And this is how the soundrack of your life ist formed... the music of life while becoming what God wants you to be.

With these words. Love. Ramona

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