Saturday, May 10, 2008

Strengthened during the Waiting Time

Before I will go on with the series about the Exciting times of Waiting I have to tell you that I finished University today, well at least all the classes and finals. It's so exciting and now I only need to right two bachelour theses and I'm done.
And the thing I discovered when thinking about it was that when I first started university I really didn't know what God's calling for my life was. I mean I knew God had a great and wonderful calling but it just wasn't so clear. And during the duration of university I slowly started to see the bigger picture and at least get glimpses here and there and get the direction. So I am in these exciting times of waiting and I can tell you, sometimes it just isn't easy when you lose sight or lose motivation and then sometimes there are hard times but God is always good and he cares and we can be like those eagles soaring up high (see previous blogs about this topic), we can do everything through God who strengthens us.

And this is exactly what I will talk about today. "How to be strengthened during the Waiting time". Last time we started talking about the Holy Spirit so I will continue this a little bit because the Waiting time, time which is the time of preparation for what's to come, is the best time to get to know the Holy Spirit.
There are three things which are crucial here:
He will give strength
He will give assurance and security
He will give conviction

How do we know that? Well when we turn to Luke 24:49 we can read: "And now I will send the Holy Spirit, just as my Father promised. But stay here in the city until the Holy Spirit comes and fills you with power from heaven." Interestingly when continuing to read it can be seen that those are the very last words Jesus said to his disciples so I am guessing the last words he says to them must be important and what does he say here? The Holy Spririt will give us strength! Oh I am excited about that! So often we think we have to carry all these things around like worries, fear, anxieties but in actual fact when we are children of God, we have the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, strengthening us!

Looking again at that verse we see that Jesus insisted them to STAY in the city, so they had to wait. But were they suppossed to just sit there in the temple and wait and stagnate? I don't think so. It was ACTIVE WATING! Therefore anything I experience or go through and happens to me I can either endure or I can start being active! How can I do that? How can I get through all this mess or the happy times or the decisions I have to make?

When we look at what the Holy Sprit stands for we will receive the answer. The Holy Spirit, the greek word Paraclete, means:
1. Comforter
2. Counselor
3. Helper
4. Advocate
5. Assistant
6. Strengthener (strength-giver)

This is such a great list of all the things available for me and I can conclude here that through the Holy Spirit I am EMPOWERED!!!

You are empowered! Don't be afraid, believe and wait actively!

xoxo Ramona

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