Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Colour 2008

Hello! As you can see I changed the look of my site a little... and usually pink is not my colour at all but since I just got back from Colour 2008 I decided to give my site a litte "femine touch"
Alright then... I will continue with "The exciting times of waiting" very soon but before that I really need to tell you a litte bit about my time in London.
As most of you know, Colour is a conference from Hillsong church Australia for women. It was held in London and I must say... we only had sunny days... almost no rain

The conference was incredible! I was pumped up, refreshed, empowered, guided and now ready to change the world!

The conference was held in the beautiful Royal Albert Hall and the speakers were amazing! The stage setting, the worship times, the prayer, the videos everything was so amazing and beautiful that you had to open your heart and hear from God. I was ready to hear and I can say now that I am one step further in my journey of waiting! Glory to God! He is sooo faithful and revealed himself to me, spoke to me through scripture and the sermons. I let go of a few things, made decisions and I am ready!

Well, I think pictures mostly speak more than words so I decided to post some to give you an impression of this weekend including the sight-seeing times with my friends. So... Enjoy!

1. The view from our seats 2. The Royal Albert Hall 3. Free ice cream! 4. The Sisterhood seeking to place value upon humanity 5. Creatvitiy 6. A colour gift 7. Tower Bridge 8. sight-seeing with my friends

Of course these are just some impressions. For more pictures click HERE

Alrighty... until next time... live life magnificently, trust God and change the world!

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