Friday, March 12, 2010

Enough to let me go

I have been listening to the new Switchfoot Album a lot lately. One of their songs always gets to me as it can be interpreted on so many different layers. The song is called "Enough to let me go"
Here's the song:

One of the lines of the song says: "Do you love me enough to let me go?". I want to show you 3 different angles to view this from:

1. God let us go
Now maybe you think, what? What do you mean God let us go? Remember the garden of Eden and how God created everything out of love? We were creating by love and through love and because of love.
When God created us he could've made us like puppets, but he created us with our own will, risking that we would forsake him and not love him back. But he had breathed His life into us and loved us enough to let us go to trust that we will turn back and love him back and have community with him.

2. We let God go
This phrase can also be looked at as a question posed to us by God. What do I mean with this? Often times we just try to do things our way, the way we want it, but we have limits, we can't do it all by our own and we can never reach our full potential if we don't draw out of God's guidance, potential and love.
Therefore we can be asked the question if we love God enough to let him go. And with go I mean let Him do it, fulfill it, make it happen. It will always exceed our wildest imagination.

3. We let People go
Of course there is also a very obvious interpretation which I think is very essential too. Imagine you love someone, a good friend, a boy/girlfriend but they just keep going into another direction, making decisions which are not good for their lives, do you hold on to them, trying to hold them in your grip so you do not lose them? Or are you willing to let them go, like God did, trusting and knowing that everything will have a good end and that they will come back on the right path?

I know that letting go is a process of pain and trust and putting yourself out there, making yourself vulnerable, but it sets us free and sets other people free as well.

Therefore, "Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you." (1 Peter 5:7)



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