Friday, March 26, 2010

The White Wall

You sit in your room. Everything seems so familiar, so known, so close to your heart. You have been living at this place for the last decade and you know where everything is.

Right now your room looks somewhat organized and clean, but you know would you look into some of the corners or open some of the drawers, you would find old things, memories and things which have not been needed for years. You look around you. The furniture you see is pretty old and the things hung up on the walls are not really the way you would do it now. You would really like to change the look of your room, make it more like you.

People have already come up to you and offered their help. You neglected their help. You want to do this on your own.

When it comes to decorating other rooms you do great but somehow whenever it is about your own room, you feel hindered, held back. It is as though creativity just leaves you. You really do not understand this because ususally you are such a creative person...

You know what, I know the feeling because I have been there and I know now why it has been like this.

We have a tendency in our lives to clutter things - at least I do. Then at some point it is so much it hinders you. It is like a wall that is built up and all that helps is tearing down the wall, starting from ground zero.

That is what I did when I moved into a new appartment. Yes, I took some of my furniture with me, but in the process of packing things I took time to declutter my life. I threw many things aways and started a whole new, empty clean room and I decorated it the ways I wanted and liked it.

I felt so fresh, new, cleaned, organized and I try to keep it that way. Now I do not allow any stuff to hoard up anymore. I know that when I open my drawers and look into some of the corners it will be what I like and what is there for a purpose.

Do you see where I am going with this? I am trying to give you a picture (which actually happened) of something that can also happen in our spiritual and emotional life. We let things from the past heap up in our lives. These things hinder us to be creative in our life. But not only that, sometimes they hinder us from seeing the future, the new things, the new way. Sometimes it is good to renovate and renew our old room and make something new. Start fresh with Jesus. But you know, renovating is always a process of tearing down some old walls, cutting things away to make the room look brighter and more beautiful.

What are some of the things in your life that hinder you, that hold you back from where you should be and what you should do?

Renovating and renewing is a process of hard work, pain, being soar but it is also rewarding because the outcome is far more than beautiful. You tear down an old wallpaper and all of a sudden there is a new white wall. Give Jesus room on this wall, on every wall in your room to paint His picture on it, to fill it with His thought and to show you a new decoration, a new You and ultimately a life far beyond of what you could have ever imagined.

Start today!




  1. how awesome... you rock! thank you sis..

  2. more than awesome.. also true..
    thanks Ramona :)


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