Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have somehow always been into writing letters. There is something so beautiful and powerful in the written word. A well written letter will always touch ones heart. A letter can never compete with an email and they should not even be compared.
Imagine yourself holding a beautifully written letter in your hands. Somebody took the time to sit down and write, put it in an envelope and send it in the mail.
This New Years Eve my friends and I (we had a fun Superhero party going on - nothing like best friends!) took the time to sit down and write a letter to ourselves. This letter then will be sent to us by one of our friends at the end of 2011. We were supposed to write down things that have happened in 2010 and goals, visions, dreams and maybe even fears for 2011.
I cannot wait to get that letter in December and be amazed about what will have happened!

Have you written a letter lately? What do handwritten letters mean to you?



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  1. I love receiving and writing letters.And I totally agree that you can't compare an email with a letter!


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