Thursday, January 20, 2011

My view on friendship

I believe friendships are extremely important yet so many people seem to lack what I call real friendships. With real friendships I mean friends who want to the best for you and you want the best for them. Friendships that are based on God's word where you share one spirit.

Friendships have always been something very high on my list of priorities. They are part of my family and life without them would be mundane.
Growing up I have always had great friends. You know, people you share life with when you go to school and then you graduate and some of these friends you keep and some you don't. Some you don't see or talk to for a long time but when you do it's like you have never been apart. And with others you are still in touch, still keep up the friendship.

Yet I feel like I have just gotten a glimpse of what friendship really is in the last maybe six years. I have realized how close I am with my best friends, what a trust we have but more than that it is the connection we have through Jesus Christ that in our friendships we have a covenant. It is kind of an amazing thing. The friendships that I have are so different so out of this world so extradordinary I have never experienced anything alike.

I believe good friends are like an oasis in life. In the midst of a busy day an hour with a friend can be the best thing. The place where you can just be who you are, free.
I hate the thought of seeing my girlfriends as rivals where I have to compete with them. This thought is so against my understanding of friendship I would do anything to protect my friendships from that.
I believe when Jesus is the center of our friendship, they have the potential and should eventually sharpen you and make you a better person. They should help you grow spiritually and emotionally.
My friends definitely do that for me and I hope and wish to be the kind of friend who is that for others too.



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  1. the love involved in friendship (true friendship) is an astonishing thing. may i suggest kahil gibran's THE PROPHET--look up the subject of friendship in there--i think it would be right up your ally.


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