Monday, January 3, 2011

Blank Pages

I am not the kind of person who makes new year resolutions to then not keep them. Yet I do like to take some time to look at the new year, look at what lies ahead of me, things I already know and I like to look into the unknown, unto a blank page.
I sealed 2010 on Saturday when I sat down to write out things that have happened and I was amazed to see God's work in every detail, I see how he lead me through this past year and how he always has a plan.
Last year I had asked God to stretch me, to make me completely uncomfortable, to let me grow and I love that that is exactly what He did last year. I was stretched so much, refined and made new in a lot of areas. And the year was sealed and now I look ahead into 2011. A new year, a new decade. I am very excited about what will be and what will happen within the next months.
There are quite a few big decisions to make and I wrote down my goals, my dreams, my visions.

When I think about 2011 I think of an adventure. Yet again I go on a journey not knowing exactly where it will all take me but knowing that I will walk God's ways. Knowing that He is always beside me, carrying me through the tough times and dancing with me through the happy times. Oh this will be an adventure unheard of and I cannot wait to see the landscapes before me.

But right now I look unto a blank page, a page to be filled with words, words that paint a picture and create the Soundtrack of my life.



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