Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring... at last

It was a very long Winter. One that was preceded by a very colorful Fall full of changes which left me with barren trees and new chapters to be written. New beginnings to be made.
But it was a process of finding out what stories I wanted to write, what new dreams I wanted to dream. And at the end of this Winter I felt stuck as though I could not enter into the full bloom of Spring.
Then on one eventful weekend I felt the shift. Something was lifted and Spring began. In my heart. In my soul. It was that moment where I new that everything was going to be ok. New life would spring forth, new dreams would be awakened and even though I didn't see it yet I knew it was there.
Therefore I finally feel able and ready to fill you in on what Spring has been so far. It has been very eventful already filled with friends, family and food and laughter and making some beautiful memories:

Those first warming rays of sun right after Winter. The time when you get rid of warm coats and hats and you go for the first Spring walks. The air is fresh and filled with scents of blooming flowers. It awakens the sould and refreshes the spirit. I love how God created nature in that way.

The Alps were still covered with snow as we went for a boat ride in Switzerland. We let the sun warm our faces and listened to the water as the boat floated through it. One of those days that feel like being on holidays. As though our world, this daily routine feels miles and centuries away.
On the Easter weekend I invited all my friends for an outdoor Spring brunch. It was still very cold outside. We made a fire and made scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages. We ate in the forest and celebrated Spring. We listened to the birds and balanced on cut down trees. We drank hot coffee and laughed and ate.

Spring has finally arrived. I anticipate all the new things it will bring. It is a new season and new beginnings are ahead of me.



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