Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stockholm, Sweden

Last week I spent a few days in Stockholm. I mainly went there for the Hillsong Europe Conference but also used the time to visit the city as I have never been there before.
This trip definitely turned into a culinary tour throughout the city as I wanted to check out as many restaurants and cafés as possible to see how they do it in another country in order to be inspired for Elemenz. So before I went I had contacted Emma from Emmas Designblog and looked through her Stockholm guide and we went to quite a few of her recommended places.
I have absolutely fallen in love with this city. It is so relaxed and beautiful with the cobblestones and the waterside. It was really fun to spend the time with friends and to experience it all together. It magnifies the whole experience and makes it really special.
And so with the map in our hands and winter coats on we set out into the city to explore. What I loved was being there in the Fall with all the trees in colour, the air crisp and the sky clear. We walked from the city center to the Old Town where we wanted to go to Stockholm's oldest Café which was done the way old Cafés in Vienna are. One more reason for me to go.
On our walk to the café we discovered the beauty of Gamla stan where one antique store follows another. We went from oohs to aahs every two minutes. We talked with the owner of one of the shops who told us about how he finds his antiques and about him almost meeting Prince Charles. That night we set out for an amazing meal at one of the places I had researched. The restaurant was called Gastrologik where we shared the most amazing meal. It was prepared with such delicacy and served beautifully.
This whole day was filled with so much fun and great conversation. Stockholm is not a gigantic city which I loved. It stilled felt like a small town and people were so friendly and open that they charmed themselves right into my heart already.
The next day we set out to the neighborhood called Södermalm where we enjoyed a great view over the city. There used to be a elevator up there but is was out of service. Apparently there used to be a law in Stockholm that prohibited buildings made of wood so the once remaining from the time before are special.
Of course I had set plan for a place to go for dinner also recommended by Emma. The lunch place was called Urban Deli and we all loved it! We loved the atmosphere, talked about Elemenz and really enjoyed the food and warmed up after walking in the freezing air for hours. From there we walked a few blocks to a café called Chokladfabriken where we just simply ordered 15 different pralines and all switched trying them whilst sipping on hot chocolate dark, light or light with marshmallows. The atmosphere there was so calm and relaxing and very stylish like apparently everything in Stockholm. I loved how things were really thought through and had a concept and a style to them like this window for a cheese shop. Just a simple cheese shop but it looked so much cooler than that (I mean cheese doesn't have to look cool it is simply amazing!)
 That night conference started and every break we would go outside, enjoy more amazing food or coffee or be like kids, running around, playing hide and seek. I actually loved that so much. I felt free and refreshed and inspired. I once read a quote that the creative adult is the kid that didn't grow up and that is really how I feel most of the time. I always want to have that childlike side to me, that running around, playing hide and seek in a city laughing until your belly hurts, stuffing each other with leaves kind of a person.
The trip to Stockholm was amazing and conference was so uplifting and exactly what I had needed. It felt like coming home from a bubble. A bubble in which I refreshed and was more than inspired. Now I am looking forward to the fullness of Fall. I am looking forward to all that's ahead and I can't wait to set foot into Elemenz tomorrow. I can't wait to see where it's going and what God's plans are for it because they are so much bigger than I can anticipate.
So for now I say farewell to the beautiful city of Stockholm which I carry in my heart now. I shall return to thee one day.



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  1. Sounds like an amazing trip! I'm excited for your new adventure! I will definitely come for a coffee or a meal to elemenz in my christmas break! xxx


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