Monday, May 5, 2014

Movie Monday

I got back from a trip to London yesterday and how fitting that I share these two amazing movies with you. I don't know why but the last 2 weeks I have somewhat been in a costume drama mood.
I had seen this movie before but I am so glad I re-watched Elizabeth because it is an amazing movie. Cate Blanchett: I have no words for how deep she takes the character.
Everything about this movie captivates you from the first moment of the movie until the very end. Seeing the journey of not only England but a young woman taking the throne. A must watch.
And I also finally got around watching Elizabeth The Golden Age. Yet again breathtaking and devastating. A  more aged queen and her struggle between being a woman, queen, a warrior, a friend and so many more things.
"It begins with a journey. You
                must cross an ocean.                                    
                Can you imagine - can you feel -
                what it is to cross an ocean? For                       
                weeks you see nothing but the                                                                     
                horizon. All round you. Perfect,
                and empty. Your ship is small -                         
                tiny - a speck in such immensity.
                You live with fear, in the grip                         
                of fear - fear of storms, fear of                       
                sickness on board, fear of the                          
                immensity. What if you never                            
                escape? How can you escape?                             
                There's nowhere to go. So you                           
                must drive your fear down, deep                         
                into your belly, and study your                         
                charts, and watch your compass,                         
                and pray for a fair wind - and                          
               Pure naked fragile hope, when all                      
               your senses scream at you, Lost!                       
               Lost! Imagine it. Day after day,                       
               staring west, the rising sun on                        
               your back, the setting sun in                          
               your eyes, hoping, hoping -                            
               At first it's no more than a haze
               on the horizon, the ghost of a
               haze, the pure line corrupted.
               But clouds do that, and storms.
               So you watch, you watch.
               Then it's a smudge, a shadow on
               the far water. For a day, for
               another day, the stain slowly
               spreads along the horizon, and
               takes form - until on the third
               day you let yourself believe. You
               dare to whisper the word - land!
               Land. Life. Resurrection. The
               true adventure. Coming out of the
               vast unknown, out of the
               immensity, into safe harbour at
               last. That - that - is the New
               World." - Sir Walter Raleigh



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