Tuesday, April 29, 2014

To build a home

I have been thinking a lot about "home" lately and how to build a home where people feel welcomed, loved and well taken care of. I am single living with one of my best friends and I know this is both our hearts.
In the past 3 years most of my friends got married (yay!) and are building their own homes where they entertain guests. I love to watch that, love how the different couple personalities come out. I was just wondering about how I can build such a home if it is even possible or how to do it. Most of you know I love to entertain people, love having guests around a table.

I guess one of the key things is to not see it out of a being single perspective but out of a home perspective. I believe Melina and I have done a pretty good job in not treating our home as a communal living space but as a home where we both dwell, where we recreate, where we rest and where we host people. I love that our home is always open for guests may they just stay for dinner or for a week. At the same time I love that we found a way of also just closing our doors and spending what we call "family time" together. In that moment all that counts is the friendship between us in a place we call home. We have popcorn and apples, cheese and bread and tea and usually we just watch a movie or an episode of Nashville but in those moments I feel home.

As with everything in life there needs to be a balance between having a home where people are always welcomed and where you entertain and finding that nick of time where it's just you and your home and the rest that comes with just being.



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