Monday, January 26, 2015

Soundrack Suppers

As I told you last week I have something really great in store for you. It has actually been a project in the making for months and finally I can share it with you.
Most of you know of my love for gathering people around the table and creating an atmosphere of hospitality and warmth.
That is why I want to start the Soundtrack Suppers.
Soundtrack Suppers will be an evening with good food, old and new friends and community around the table. I am not an expert in cooking nor do I have an education in it, but I have a love for preparing and sharing a meal. The food will be home cooked, seasonal and as much as possible regional. Soundtrack Suppers are not about creating the fanciest dishes but about experiencing an evening where time stands still, candles burn down and conversations are fruitful.
Here are a few things you can count on:
- a beautifully decked table
- the right music for the right time (this is afterall a blog about the Soundtrack of a life)
- several courses
- food prepared with love

Now if you would like to get more information about dates, costs and all the likes or if you would just like to receive regular updates you can email me at soundtracksuppers(at) and I'll make sure you are going to get all the info you need.

Looking forward to hearing from many of you.



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