Monday, September 21, 2015

Movie Monday

Films in which the Indian culture collides with our western culture are always a pleasure to watch and a good study of culture and society. In fact during my semester abroad in Santa Barbara I wrote a paper about it and compared different movies like Monsoon Wedding and Bend it like Beckham with each other explaning diasporas.
So wathcing The Hundred Foot Journey yesterday was not only pleasure and entertainment but a reminder of cultures within cultures.
The movie was directed by Lasse Hallström and you can sense it because there is always a certain feeling to his movies and he has a way of using light. The movie was enjoyable, entertaining, captivating and I loved the feeling it kept for the senses when it comes to food. Cooking and preparing food was portrayed culturely but also as something magical, something that evokes the senses and takes you to other places. Food is memory.



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  1. Liebe Ramona,
    Ich liebe diesen Film, er ist einfach nur schön. Voller Düfte und Gerüche, danach möchte man gleich in die Küche gehen und etwas kochen.

    1. Ja, Stefanie! Danke, dass Du mich an den Film erinnert hast. Wie Du merkst habe ich ihn sofort am nächsten Wochenende angeschaut :-) Und ja, danach wollte ich nach Frankreich ziehen und kochen und picknicken :-)


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