Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Savoring my California Adventures

One year ago I took a plane and flew over to California where my adventure began. I didn't know what to expect, who to meet or how everything would work out. All I knew was that I was on my own adventure and that God had great plans for me.
So here I am now, one year later, still enjoying the memories of every single moment I spent in Santa Barbara. I miss so many things. I miss the ocean, I miss walking down State Street, I miss the house I lived in and my room and of course the amazing people who let me live at their house! I miss walking on campus, thousands of students around me. I miss every single person I met especially those friends I built deeper friendships with. I miss Wednesday morning breakfasts and trying out new restaurants...
There are no words to describe how amazing my adventure in Santa Barbara was. I learned so much about myself. I grew so much. God used that time to show me quite a few things and brought people into my life to sharpen my character.
My time there has left a huge impact on my life and I know that God wanted it this way. But I am not the same person I was there, I have grown so much over the last year and only looking back now actually makes me see that. I have walked closer towards God's plan for my life and I am not going to live in the past thinking how great everything was, but looking ahead, drawing out of the experiences I have made and keep growing!

Nonetheless you might hear more about my adventures in the coming weeks, just remembering... hope you enjoy it.

Love. Ramona

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