Wednesday, June 27, 2007

As the Adventure is slowly coming to an end

Ok... I tried to avoid this post, but I can't. I only have another 5 or 6 days left before I fly back home... I just don't feel ready at all to leave this place and go back. I don't know though if I'll ever be ready in the sense of being ready to go home.
It's strange. It really took me about a month to get adjusted to everything and now I can't go. It just feels so hard to start saying good-bye. I'm really not good at it!
Who would have thought I'd make so many new and great friends?
What will it be like to go back? Hm... my best friends await me, a great church is awaiting me, my responsibilities in that church await me. I look forward doing youth work again, though! And of course my family awaits me... wow.. my mom, my dad... they're just so fantastic.
I think I want to be like them when I'm married... at least in most parts. I think they're great. They love each other sooooo much and they hold hands when they're walking. My moms cries every time my dad goes to India. They just need each other so much... it's awesome!

Anyway... it feels like my adventures is really coming to an end... more about everything later that week.

Bye world... and people out there!

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