Wednesday, July 7, 2010

If I were...

As most of you know I love watching So you think you can dance. I love how dance is such a great artform to transport emotions, statements, stories and can bring you to other places.
This is why I want to use one of the routines to make a statement. This routine represents or shows how many women/men live in abusive relationships. Yet the people around them might not know. I want you to watch this video and encourage you to keep your eyes open. Where can you help?
Also with this I want to make you aware of the thousands of slaves traded in the world for sexual services at the moment. Human trafficking is the 2nd largest crime in the world today. The A21 Campaign, situated in Greece are trying to reach out and make a difference. Please start being aware of what is going on around and about you. Inform and educate yourself, keep your eyes open, pray and then through campaigns like that one life after another will be rescued and changed.

With these words... enjoy the video:

Also stay tuned for my update about the fundraising for Be her dignity which will be released tomorrow.



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