Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Love and Festivals

Finally the sun is back and it is supposed to be hot again tomorrow. I'm happy.
Ok, so summer is also festival time and we have a festival here called Kieswerk Open Air. It's the best location ever and so much fun. They show movies every night throughout a whole week. On top of that there's food stands and a band playing and an art show. It's awesome.
I only had my cell phone with me, but the photos turned out ok.
This area has been one of my favorite places to bike recently. It's so open and calm and natural and beautiful.
This is where the festival is at. The sky was beautiful yesterday. It is such a cool area and the screen is huge.

That is an extremely old house that they use as an art room and exhibition room now. The art show was really cool and was called Crossing Borders.
Ok, so that trailer was one of my favorite things of the festival because they sold coffee and crepe and this really nice couple own it. I mean... I would love to travel in such a thing for a summer and see things.
Me and my lovely roomate and best friend right before the movie started!

I love summer!



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