Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekly Update 5: Countdown to my Birthday

Only 2 more days until my Birthday! I am so looking forward to packing a package of 3000 AUD to send to Uganda. I mean how awesome will that be.
Just this morning as I was praying I thought about it again and prayed for people to open their hearts. I thought about how blessed I am here, how protected I grew up what God gave me. It made me cry because I do not want to keep it for myself. I want to give and give of what I have. I want this one girl who will get a new nose or ears or mouth to be blessed. I mean just imagine it. You give a little of what you have and what you can give and somebody else in this world will receive so much more from it! That amazes me. I am in awe about how much we can do when we join our hands and connect.

So with this post I just want to lay it on your hearts again to pray and think about how much or if you want to give for Be her Dignity.

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