Monday, November 15, 2010

Nerdy Bowling, a Wedding and lots of Michael Bublé

I normally don't always post about all the things that are happening on my weekend, but I have had quite an interesting one filled with awesome music, dance recaps, nerdiness and a wedding.

ONE is the 20somethings group in my church which I lead. On Friday we headed out for some nerdy bowling fun.

I must admit I am ususally not the kind of person who is all for bowling, but with the right group of people and nerdy outfits it was total fun!

Oh... I have been listening to the newest Michael Bublé album all weekend long because it is sooo amazing! On Friday I had watched some of my favorite So you think you can dance routines and one of the them is to this Michael Bublé song which totally got me hooked to his music again.

You can also listen to the album in my music widget on the left side. It is sooo good!

On Saturday I went to a cute little wedding. The ceremony was beautiful and my pastor preached really well. Yet... weddings kind of make me sentimental and I had to remind myself constantly of some of the choices I had made last week. It is so interesting that often times you make choices, you move big steps forward and then you take little steps back because it is a fight that you are fighting. But I know I have victory over this. I am not afraid. I move on.

Anyways... so my weekend was fun, yet filled with some sadness, but over all I think I am still stepping forward. I'm excited to see what this week will bring.



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