Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Love List

I love this summer. While everybody was talking about the big heat they had we were sitting here with only 15°C wishing for summer. And now it is here and it is hot. So naturally life is slowing down a little.
I am thoroughly enjoying it and have soaked up so many moments in the last two weeks.
So here is my summer love list:
Biking in summer rain and catching rainbows
Reading this book under a tree in fields where all you hear is the wind blowing through the grass
Listening to this music in my Current Soundtrack. It takes my breath away.
Watching this movie and being inspired to look like they did in the 40s and 50s. Also... I just have a thing for superheros :-)

Only a couple more days until we leave for India! I can hardly wait and am all excited about that!

Are you enjoying your summer or are you all set and ready for the fall?



*picture from here

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  1. wow that is a gorgeous picture! i quite enjoyed this summer as well, as it was filled with infinite moments of excitement, peace and wonder, all wrapped into one short 3-month time period. i did not, however, quite like the heat but hey, i can't change it, so why not move past my sweaty fixations?

    xx alexandra


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