Monday, August 15, 2011


I have been meaning to write but didn't want to write for the sake of writing. I want to write when I feel inspired to tell a story or encourage others, raise questions or tell about adventures. This blog is not to be filled with hundreds of posts to fill it up but rather with meaningful words straight from my heart.
Last week I sort of unplugged from a couple of things and spent time with friends, did some things in the appartement and just read a book. It was a quiet yet beautiful and relaxing week and it felt good to work with my hands and find new inspiration.

Summer nights in Basel are beautiful especially when shared with friends. We didn't really do anything in particular. Just walked, talked, sat at the Rhine and enjoyed being together.

I finally did something with our wall in the living room It has been on my mind so often but I had never really found time and inspiration until last week where all of a sudden I knew what to do and went for it and did it. It's 15 silver frames with black and white photos of our friends and us. How perfect is it to share an appartment with your best friend!
Also I made my very first very own french fries takend from here to have a little solo movie night. I watched Brothers and it touched me deeply. Such a sad and dramatic movie. I don't think we can ever understand what happens in war. I remember my grandfather telling us the story of how he was imprisoned during World War 2 and he always stopped telling the story at one point and we never found out what must have happened there.

Larissa and I finally had a our long planned for Pride&Prejudice evening. It was beautiful. We wore dresses and ate salty butter on english muffins and dipped cooked broccoli and drank berry water and black tea. It was truly wonderful.

So, yes, I have just been living life and enjoying the quieteness to be fueled up again for when fall starts in a couple of weeks.
I guess I will stay unplugged a little longer before I head out to India in not more than two weeks. So until then, enjoy your times, live your dream, relax and let God show you some new things!




  1. The first photo is gorgeous! I used to be roommates with my best friend and I absolutely loved it, even though everyone told us otherwise and warned us against it. I'll always cherish the memories I have of us living together :)

  2. Eva, I know what you mean. That's why at first I didn't want to move in with my friend. But I was convinced differently and it is amazing living with your best friend. I guess you have to make sure you plan in those friendship times :-)

  3. You and Larissa look gorgeous! Love your dresses and the beautiful table!
    Hope to see you soon! xo


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