Monday, August 1, 2011

Friendship and Summer

Ok... people get ready as there will be a lot of posting this week. I have so much to talk about and to share... oh my... it will be great. I feel inspired.
First off I have to tell you about an amazing weekend filled with so much love and friendship it was crafted for me.
Saturday night my best friends took me out for dinner. It has sort of become a tradtion amongst us that whenever one of us has her birthday we take her out for dinner and have girl time, girl talk and I just love these times. We've all grown so close to each other and these girl times are indescribable. We are sisters and we are friends and together we can do so much. I feel humbled and honored with such amazing friends who believe in me and with who I share and do life with. I am already half in tears so I just show you a couple of pictures.

I just have gorgeous friends! Gorgeous!!!
So after we had spent time I had invited all our other best friends (meaning the boys!) to make a fire up on the castle, have smores and just enjoy the time together. It was beautiful and as we sat around the fire I was so moved and filled with gratefulness. I have a great life and the most amazing people in my life. We connect with our hearts. We are one and I am completely in awe of the friendships I have, never take any of the times we share for granted. They are heaven sent for me.
So we took pictures of firelines and created art in our eyes:

And then to top it off on Sunday night we all went to my favorite Summer Festival The Kieswerk Open Air. It is an open air movie festival which combines all things I love: Friends, Food, Art, Music and Movies. We watched this movie, watched shooting stars and celebrated friendship and summer.



PS: There is so much more to say but that will have to wait until tomorrow

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  1. You're all so pretty! And I love love love your dress, Ramona! I'm glad, you had such a nice birthday!! xo Britti


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