Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The so called "grown-up recess"

As mentioned last week I have decided to share some more photos and stories about my 2 1/2 months summer break.
My friend Ellen visited from Alabama for almost three weeks and she called that time "Grown-up recess". We had no agenda, no rush. Just time, good weather and lots to experience.
Visits to local art galleries, hikes through natural forest.
Bike rides through the region. Coffee at my favorite place, seeing the Rhine flooded, soaking in the sun. We also went to the lake in Switzerland for the day and explored WW I ground in France. Whatever we were in the mood for we did. We just seized the day.  We ate lots of cheese and laughed a lot. When we said good-bye it was more like see you next year.
Those are the memories, the moments which will stick with you. The ones you can't capture on camera, but they're there.



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