Friday, September 6, 2013

Tap. Hip Hop. Contemporary

Sometimes I wonder about this blog, about whether people read it or not and if it is goal driven enough or group driven enough clear enough. And recently I just reviewed my about section to make sure I am really clear and then I realized that this blog is called The Soundtrack of my Life put in words. I write about music, about dance, about travel, about events, about things going on in my (sometimes weird and awkward) head and about creativity and art. Some of my favorite bloggers stopped blogging and sometimes I wonder if it is worth it writing here but just this morning I thought, this is one of my creative outlets and even if nobody reads it I'm still going to write it because the main thing isn't readers but that I write.

Anyways these ponderings put aside I have to share more dance with you today (hello, I told you so). There is going to be 3 videos because really, the dancing this week was amazing again!
And all three styles couldn't be more different from each other: Tap. Hip Hop. Contemporary. So buckle up for some awesomness, goosebumps and fun!

Tapping has become somewhat of a lost art yet there so much class and beauty and rhythmicality in it I think we should have more tapping. Honestly, this dance is amazing.
I know I don't often post hip hop here because I often times am not the biggest fan of it because it doesn't really often get to me even though I think it is pretty awesome what people are able to do - for real!! But this dance was so much fun I just laughed!
Ah! This dance! Beauty and passion. Everything about it. I must say Robert Roldan has always been one of my favorite dancers and I am so glad he is back as an all star. What he brings to the stage is amazing!!

So with that I'm wishing you and awesome weekend!!



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