Monday, September 23, 2013

My bike and I

I am back from a wonderful weekend in Dresden (more about that soon) where we celebrated one of my friends' wedding.
One of the best things that has happened to me in the past months is that I can bike to my new job. It's a 30 minute ride one way and has been such a blessing.
Every morning I get on my bike, so thankful I don't even find words for it. I take time to pray, meditate, think, plan the day and just honestly wake up. I arrive at work fresh and ready for the day. After work I get back on my bike and I process the day, let it all go.
This hour of being on my bike every day is like a gift of time. Time to strategize and dream and be creative. Time to spend with God and in prayer.
It is almost as if when I get on my bike no negativity or bad thoughts are allowed. Sometimes during the day things happen that I struggle with but once I'm sitting on there, processing I am just letting it all go, reminding myself of where I stand and how I live.
It is not as if my bike has the magic (although in my head it sometimes becomes a horse which I ride into the sunset, but that's just my imagination going wild and my being a hopeless romantic) but it is the time I'm given. It is a place where I can spend time with God. I truly believe we all have to find that place where we come to rest. Where we are ready to listen, ready to let go and be changed.

What is your spot, your place, your thing where it's just you and God, an open heart and a ready mind?



PS: This blog was a work in progress for the past week and I rewrote it about 5 times to finally find the words to really say what's bubbling inside.
PSS: I am also working on blogs about exposing your heart and why I need art in my life.

** photo credits to my friend Ellen

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