Monday, September 30, 2013

The "Welcome to the Circus" Party

A little while ago my friend Larissa asked me if I would help her plan her birthday party and how could I say no to that? She's such a fun person and I instantly knew that this party was going to be awesome.
My initial ideas were lots of colors, popsicles and fun piƱatas. When we sat together to talk it all through we came from one thing to the other and ended up with a 50s themed circus/carnival party.
We were both so giddy and excited that I think we sent each other about 50 emails on one day with links and ideas and craft tutorials.
Larissa loves to craft and did all of them on her own. On top of that the whole party was a dessert party and every guest was supposed to bring a cake or cupcakes or something sweet (kind of like a big dessert potluck).
Guests were greeted by a "Welcome to the Circus" sign and stilts to try and walk on. Every guest got a box full of fresh buttery popcorn and the ladies received crowns of flowers while the guys could choose from a selection of mustaces (which were also used as monobrows).

The table cloth and napkins were ordered on amazon (name Toot Sweet). Larissa made different flavours of sirups (Lemonade, ice-tea and blueberry) to mix with water. For the streamers she used painting colour charts and punched the hearts out (which kind of sounds really rude - I assure you only the paper was punched! :-) ).
I think the place we held the party was perfect and gave the whole ordeal a great feel to it, a very natural warm feel actually.
Larissa loves to read and decided to give all her guests a book as a favor. What a great idea!

We only played 50s and 60s music and lots of Elvis Presley and hello who can sit around with that kind of music so the whole things turned into dancing, eating, laughing and time with great people (and gorgeous people I might add).
We had set up a little station called "La Photocabine" because we used the La Photocabine and everybody took pictures in front ot #23.
It was such a fun party with the right people and the right setting. And as always the people make the party. Larissa is such a great host and has such a gift of connecting and bringing people together it's beautiful to see. That's why this party was so much fun.

Most of the inspiration was taken from Pinterest, Oh Happy Day and Oh Party.

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  1. Ah I love it! This is so Larissa!
    I want my next birthday to be planned by you Ramona! :) xxx


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