Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What words can't express

When it comes to articstic expression of any kind I very strongly believe that apart from self expression it has to raise social awareness. Art in cases might be the only medium with the ability to reach out to people because it focuses on the heart and soul rather than on facts and numbers.
This following piece of choreography by Tyce DiOrio from last week's show does exactly that. It portraits very beautifully what people must go through in the aftermath of a natural catastrophe like a hurricane, tsnuami, earthquake. It shows the pain and despair and loss of thousands of lives.
Watching this dance brings goosebumps to my arms every single time.




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  2. This made me think how interesting it would be, almost like a Terrence Malick piece, to have a film where the only communication is dance and music - without dialogue.


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