Monday, September 1, 2014

Movie Monday

As I told you last week I have somewhat of a different Movie Monday planned for today. The term movie is probably applicable in a broader sense.
But anyways during my summer break I somewhat became a little Sherlock addicted. My friend Larissa first introduced me to the show and I had watched Season 1 a while back already.
But then the weather was so bad during my holidays that I really just wanted to stay inside and did not feel bad about doing so.
What I love about this series and why I feel fine using the term movie is because it is like watching a 90 minute movie but the best part about it is that it doesn't stop. It's like the best of both worlds combined. Add to that that I love the stories of Sherlock Holmes and also add to that awesome actors, great settings, a nice and interesting twist on an old story and you have an absolutely well rounded, well done and well acted series.
I thought it was the perfect combination of being super intense without being creepy and humorous in a very natural way.
So if you like me find yourself on a rainy holiday or Saturday don't worry this will be the series for you to watch.



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