Monday, September 22, 2014

Movie Monday

Today I have a movie for you that is quite fitting with this year as I had my 10 year reunion as well.
I watched 10 years recently with two of my friends and when watching the trailer you could think it's somewhat of a romantic comedy, fun and all but it really is different and shows the reality of how life can be. How it is messy sometimes and how we all deal with our own things and it's also about overcoming and moving on.
What I really liked is how the movie became deeper as it continued offering more questions than answers. I thought the use of camera was very well done.
I think it was so interesting and also realized that at my own reunion that we all somehow feel like we need to proof something. Show that we have accomplished something in life, gotten so and so far.
But even before my own reunion when I thought about it I didn't like that fact because I don't want to find my affirmation in what I do for a living or how far I have come. My journey is my journey, I've gained experience, grown, become more myself and know who I am and where I am headed. I found myself in Jesus and that ultimately puts you at ease.
So to finish this movie recommendation I'd say, watch it, have a calm evening and be in for a surprisingly good movie.



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