Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The good kind of chaos

It was one of those afternoons which leave a total mess and chaos in your kitchen, dining and living area that it takes you a while to sort it all out especially if you have to wash your dishes without a dish washer like me.
But it is the kind of chaos which is proof of having gathered people around your table and invited them into your home. It is proof of a shared meal and conversation. The table was covered with glasses and coffee cups and plates with crumbs from cake and drawing paper and pencils and napkins and burnt down candles.
It is the kind of chaos which cleaning up keeps you thinking about all the conversations and prayer and tears you shared with your favorite people. The people you love sharing life with.

That is how last Sunday was for me and cleaning up that kind of chaos is never work but happiness and joy and process of new built memories.



PS: I made this cake by local milk and it was absolutely amazing.


  1. Ich liebe es, wenn ich abends Gäste hatte und am nächsten Morgen der Duft vom Essen, noch im Raum hängt. Also der feine Duft, und die Erinnerungen an einen schönen Abend wieder aufleben lassen.
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Stefanie! Ganz genau! Es gibt einem einfach so viel Freude!


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