Monday, August 24, 2015

Movie Monday

I know this place has been a bit quiet lately and I don't like that but honestly I was just simply enjoying my summer having many guests, throwing many a BBQ and just spent a good amount of time with friends.

But as the fall is slowly approaching I have every intention to be more present with this blog and share movies and music and stories and inspiration with you throughout the next couple of months.

So lets's start us off with this movie I watched on the plane to Birmingham: McFarland, USA.
When I was a teenager I was the biggest Kevin Costner fan and I've watched Robin Hood so many times I cannot even recount.
And still today I really like him a lot as an actor. This is your "typical" sports movie but I thought it was pretty special and I will admit to crying on the plane when I watched it.
What I really like about it was the intercultural communication, the subject of family and the understanding between cultures and languages.
I also think it is a great family movie so go watch it!


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