Monday, August 31, 2015

Movie Monday

Growing up my sister and I weren't allowed to watch a whole lot of TV so the very few things we were allowed to watch were cherished. We often would watch movies on Sunday afternoons as a family. These films would include German post war happy movies, pirate movies, movies like the 10 commandments, Ben Hur, Robin Hood, Rocky etc. but we also grew up watching Lois & Clarke, the new adventures of Superman and I loved it very much. Needless to say to this day I am a big Superhero fan/nerd whatever you want to call it. Funny enough though I have not posted one single Superhero movie on here. But I consider this a good thing because I watch a lot more than Superhero movies.
Anyways this one deserves a spotlight on here because let's face it IT IS SUPERMAN and although all of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies and all of the Marvel Universe are awesome and I watch them on a regular basis (not The Dark Knight because Clowns and me are not friends) I really think this one should be mentioned on here for you to watch.
I love the costumes, I love the atmosphere and the general feeling of the movie. I like that it really goes deep into the story taking as much as possible from the actual comics. I find the actors a great choice and since it's Monday and Movies and Man of Steel should we actually call this a #mcm? What do you think?

That's all. Go watch Man of Steel.



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