Friday, August 28, 2015



For a long time now I have sorted my music into Seasons of Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer because I think that every season brings its own flavor, its own feeling and atmosphere and its own adventures. Obviously the same goes for life in general because I really believe we also need to see it as such where we go through different seasons. I have experienced that so often. Sometimes there would be a season of stretching and changing and it brought out what was inside and then there would be seasons of blessing and overflow and bounty.
I think we need to embrace all of the seasons. We need to take them as they are and decide what we're going to do with it. Are we going to allow God to work within us in each season that comes our way? Are we allowing him to either cut things off in our lives, to challenge us or bless us and give us rest? Obviously we all want the season of blessing and rest but we can only get there by pruning and cutting off and getting rid of old baggage in order to bring out a bountiful blessing.
So as this summer is slowing down I am using the time of rest that is still left to prepare for everything which is ahead in the fall, harvest and work and bringing out the best colors but also to prepare for whatever God has next. Shouldn't we always have an attitude of "God, your will not mine"? Whatever it is he is going to put on your plate next, allow him to do so for He has greater plans than the ones in front of you. Allow him to prune you for you to become the person you were intended to be. Allow him to speak to you and with you so that He can reveal His mighty plans to you.
Happy End of Summer



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