Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday Tunes


Well hello there and welcome to another Thursday with awesome music and the end of the week approaching. I have decided to make the Thursday Tunes even easier for you and created a "The Soundtrack of my Life" playlist on spotify for you to follow. I will update it as regularly as possible and will share it here too. This week we're calling it "Summer Rock 'n Roll" because this music got me dancing all week while I was preparing dinner and enjoying what is left of Summer.

It has been a great summer and funny enough I have been listening to a lot of country granted though I was BBQing a lot and what suits it better than country right? Right.

The band in the playlist is called Vintage Trouble and they are pure soulish Rock 'n Roll and Blues and they have been on repeat for days!
So whatever you're doing right now, cooking, cleaning, working out, working... push play and get in a good mood!


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