Friday, September 10, 2010

The Nutella blog

Yes, you heard me. I am writing a blog about Nutella. Ok, I'm from Germany, we all grow up with it, eat it since we were little and always have it at home. It is basic food to us.

Anyways, lately there has been some sort of a discussion among my friends whether or not you should eat it with or without butter on the bread.

I personally prefer it without butter. There are two main reasons why I do so:

1. you can use more Nutella and not feel too bad about it.
2. when you use butter it tastes like fat, without butter it tastes like chocolate.

So here you have it... I like Nutella without butter.

How do you eat your Nutella?



  1. WITHOUT butter, all the way! :)

  2. Try it with PEANUT butter...

    That is, if you love Reece's.

  3. I think without butter it tastes better, because butter just makes it so slimy :D
    Sara thinks with butter is the best, because fat is a Geschmacksträger and it strenghtens the nutella taste.
    bäääähhh is my comment!

  4. talked with a chef today who said that if you take the right amount of butter and nutella they intermix and therefore it tastes better. I love butter and I love nutella and I just don't want to mix it, I guess.

  5. Without butter - definitely without!

  6. Why do Germans love Nutella?
    I do too- who couldn't like Nutella?- but I just wonder...
    I honestly didn't know it was German "thing" until just now, reading from you, but the first time I ever had Nutella it was when I helped some German friends to move into their house...I guess it wasn't as random as I thought.
    How interesting!

  7. Hey Becca... yes we love our Nutella :-) When I lived in the States for some time I was craving it so much I had to get it, but it tastes different there than here and it even tastes different in Switzerland than here. So interesting :-)


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