Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Art in the Church

Today I read a great article in the Relevant Newsletter which was called Why Art should matter to Christians.
The article describes how art is losing its worth in our society by reducing it to a product that has only worth if it sells. Art is therefore reduced to a consumer product.
"Modern culture has forgotten that art is worthy without first having to prove it’s worth."*

Art matters - also within the context of the church. I believe often times the church sees art as something that can only be positive and preppy and nice, when art in fact should show feelings, should shake us by showing what is going on in our world. Art, may it be dance, music, poetry, paintings has the ability to speak right to our heart, it touches our feelings and can transcend us.
I believe we cannot abandon art from (especially) our churches. If we believe in a creating God, then we believe in a creative God also. A God who created this earth, who was able to make such beauty as the Alps, such powerful oceans and He cared for every detail. God is the ultimate artist. Therefore art should be appreciated and supported in our churches. This can be done in so many different and beautiful ways.
Sometimes we just have to look around us to find people with amazing creative potential. We must encourage this potential.

"[Art] is an acknowledgement that something eternal and full of truth lies behind the temporal world in which we live. It focuses our eyes on the pain around us, the injustice in front of us, the joy abounding within us, and the pull we feel towards meaning and significance. Music moves us. Poetry connects us. Paintings shout at us. Dance energizes us. Art draws us back into the fold of humanity when we wander out full of pain, discouragement, and bitterness. It whispers, “You are not alone.”"*



* quoted from "Why Art should matter to Christians" by Melissa Kircher

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